Globular Cluster M4 variables light curves

Published: 15 June 2016| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zkxm3zxfn8.1
Margarita Safonova,


M4 cluster was observed in 2011 by 2 telescopes of WISE Observatory, Tel Aviv University, Israel - C18 and T40, from April till July. This dataset contains the light curves for the new and known variables as described in the paper: Safonova et al. Search for Low-mass Objects in the Globular Cluster M4. I: Detection of Variable Stars. 2016, Astronomical Journal. The name of the variable is in the name of the light curve, and the name of the telescope is given in the beginn ing of the name, such as: c18V33R_lc.dat --- c18 - means the 18" telescope C18, V33 - is the name of the variable, capital R - means standard R mag. t40 - means 40" (1-m) telescope T40, Small 'r' or 'i' mean that the magnitudes are instrumental.


Steps to reproduce

This is a zipped folder of 2 folders and the individual light curves are tarred.


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