Clustered residential electricity load profiles from Smart Grid Smart City dataset

Published: 31 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zm4f727vvr.1
Mike Roberts,


This dataset contains 30-minute interval electricity load data for 6031 residential customers in NEW South Wales for the calendar year 2013. The original data was collected for the the AusGrid Smart Grid Smart Cities (SGSC) project and made publicly available. (Smart Grid Smart City Customer Trial Data. 2014; ) Customers with 90% or more complete data for the year have been further selected to exclude load profiles that have been significantly affected by participation in the demand response activities as part of the SGSC trial. Missing data has been filled. The load profiles have then been clustered within different customer groups and according to dwelling type (house or unit). Details of the data preparation, clustering process and categorization of the clusters according to household characteristics is described in the forthcoming article Roberts, M.B., Haghdadi, N., Bruce, A., and MacGill, I.: ‘Cluster-based characterisation of Australian apartment electricity demand and its implications for low-carbon cities'.



Energy Engineering, Cluster Analysis, Electric Utility, Renewable Energy