Expression data biopsies and cells

Published: 22 August 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/zm93wy6r2r.2
Søren Nielsen


Thirty-two healthy volunteers (15 men and 17 women) with a median age of 25, range (18 – 44), BMI 24.5 (18.3 – 18.8), waist/hip ratio 0.8 (0.4 – 1.2) and total body fat percentage 28.6 (8.3 -50.1 ) were included in the study. Two individuals were excluded following baseline examinations due to coagulation factors outside the normal range, and in three participants no biopsy could be obtained, due to insufficient fat in the region, evaluated by ultrasound. Two participants had two biopsies obtained on separate days, to be used for both tissue mRNA analyses and cell cultures. Thus, 58 biopsies were obtained from 27 subjects all together. 38 biopsies were snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen to be used for mRNA analyses, whereas 10 were utilized for pre-adipocyte isolation. In the uploaded data set, all subjects are anonymized. BAT refers to Brown Adipose Tissue and WAT refers to White adipose Tissue. Data are raw CT values. For the cell dataset, control and norepinephrine stimulated cells are specified.


Steps to reproduce

Data was calculated using the standard curve method




Adipose Tissue, Brown Adipose Tissue