Robert Pocock Herbarium

Published: 30 December 2016| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/zmrxbpbcdb.2
Malcolm Jennings


Contains all the data associated with the "Robert Pocock Herbarium Project" - a Heritage Lottery Funded citizen science project. Correct up to December 2016. In Microsoft Excel format. Contains links to the Robert Pocock Herbarium Flickr albums for viewing of the herbarium sheets and associated data labels. The same images can also be viewed at the Robert Pocock Herbarium website. Specimens - contains all of the herbarium sheets of plants collected by Pocock and found in the Natural History Museum in London. Other RP plants - contains those plants collected by Pocock and now found in the South London Botanical Institute and Cambridge Herbarium. Peen - Richard Peen was a friend of Pocock. This plant was found in the NHM. Gray - plants in the NHM marked "collection of S F Gray". There may be some relationship between him and Pocock.. The other sheets are working copies of data found useful during the project.