Data for: A practical photogrammetric workflow in the field for the construction of a 3D rock joint surface database

Published: 31 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/zmw8zc766s.2
Jingyu Chen,
Xiang WANG,
Wei Luo,
Zhi-Heng Zhu,
Dejian Li,
Shi Zuo


The dataset is the 3D rock joint surface database mentioned in the manuscript, which are point cloud files of 310 samples stored in Stanford Triangle Format (*.ply). All samples are processed into standard raster data sets and have realistic colorful texture, which is convenient for researchers to evaluate the roughness of the rock joint surface from a 2D or 3D perspective. The rock joint surface database can also be extended using 3D printing technology. The artificial rock joint surface samples with real morphological features can be reproduced and tested in the laboratory. We hope the supplementary data can increase the visibility and impact of our work. The compressed package contains samples collected from two sites. Each database contains three folders (point cloud segments: "01 PLY File"; images of rock joint: "02 TIF File"; anisotropic visualization results: "03 Polar Plot" ) and one Excel data for joint surface roughness evaluation.



Central South University


Surface Roughness, Rock Joint