Data for: Messaging Organizational Change: How Regulatory Fit Relates to Openness to Change Through Fairness Perceptions

Published: 5 August 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/zndw3dh7kw.3
Marta Roczniewska,


This study tests whether, by enhancing fairness perceptions, regulatory fit produces greater openness to change even when that change has negative consequences. We conducted an experiment among primary and middle school teachers who, respectively, expected positive versus negative outcomes from an actual major education change in Poland. We manipulated message framing, describing the prospected change in a promotion-related or prevention-related way. Supporting the predictions, the decision process regarding the education change was perceived as more fair when the message framing matched recipients’ predominant regulatory focus. And perceived fairness increased openness toward the change even among teachers who could be hurt by the changes. These results show how regulatory fit messages, by enhancing fairness perceptions, can reduce negative reactions to changes that could produce negative outcomes.



Psychology, Applied Psychology, Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Applied Social Psychology