Northern hemisphere soil geochemistry

Published: 5 December 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/znfgfhpp5b.3
Rebecca Dzombak,
Nathan Sheldon


Bulk geochemistry (Al, Ca, Na, K, Fe, P2O5, clay content), iron speciation and pyrite, and soil description data (horizon, soil moisture, drainage, vegetation/land use) for 404 soils in the northern hemisphere, primarily B horizons and primarily North America. Not all soils have all data available. Soils were collected in the field and gathered from soil repositories (USDA KSSL). Analyzed in conjunction with USGS soil geochemistry from Smith et al. (2014)(reference below) in Dzombak & Sheldon (2020) Soil Systems; Supplemental Tables 1-5.