Processed Data_Local fracture criterion H-assisted quasi-cleavage cracking tempered martensitic steels

Published: 20 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/znk4c6znzf.1
Livia Cupertino Malheiros


Analysis of the data to evaluate hydrogen-assisted cracking of three tempered martensitic steels (Ref -0.3C0.2Si0.4Mn1.0Cr_0.8Mo, HMV-0.3C0.3Si0.3Mn0.5Cr-1.8Mo-0.2V, HCV-0.6C0.3Si0.3Mn1.0Cr1.2Mo0.15V). It comprises: - Summary_Fracture-Criterion: Fracture conditions (stresses, plastic strain, hydrogen concentration and flux) from the FEM calculations performed as described in the paper linked to this dataset. -Summary_Tensile-testing: Summary of the main experimental mechanical and hydrogen charging parameters for tensile tests with unnotched and notched specimens without hydrogen, after hydrogen pre-charging and desorption and under electrochemical permeation hydrogen flux. -Summary_KI-Calculation: Summary of the stress intensity factors (KI) reached for shifting from quasi-cleavage cracking to ductile fracture propagation for tensile tests with notched specimens under electrochemical permeation hydrogen flux.



Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Ingenieur pour l'Environnement


Materials Science, Hydrogen Embrittlement