Data base of papers related to Knowledge management and Industry 4.0

Published: 31 March 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/znkz9xdsdd.3
Vagner Batista Ribeiro


We attached the Web of Science (WoS) file, which record the papers meta data (i.e. authors, title, source title,...). The papers indicated were analysed to support our review.


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The theoretical review of this paper is based on the guidelines presented by PRISMA (Moher et al., 2009), to enhancing the quality and transparency of health research. Thus, the theoretical review followed the following steps to support the criteria of identification, selection and eligibility of papers (see paper section 3. Papers Selection). 1. Data base: Web of Science core collection 2. Period: 2010 to 2021 3. Search criteria: By “Topic” 4. Articles: (empirical papers) and Reviews 5. Papers: in English 6. Classified: by Most Cited 7. Search string: "industry 4.0" OR "manufacturing of the future" OR "future manufacturing" OR "advanced manufacturing technology" OR "smart factory" OR "digitalization" OR "smart manufacturing" AND “knowledge management” OR “knowledge sharing” (114 - attached file) 8.Categories (1st. exclusion criteria): Engineering Industrial, Engineering Manufacturing, Multidisciplinary Sciences, Business, Psychology Applied, Industrial Relations Labor, Management, Social Issues, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, Social Work (71 - 57 empirical papers and 14 reviews) 9.Title and Abstract analysis (2nd. exclusion criteria): Exclusion of papers without adherence to the topics Knowledge Management in Industry 4.0 (41 - 27 empirical papers and 4 reviews) Page MJ, Moher D, Bossuyt PM, Boutron I, Hoffmann TC, Mulrow CD, Shamseer L, Tetzlaff JM, Akl EA, Brennan SE, Chou R, Glanville J, Grimshaw JM, Hróbjartsson A, Lalu MM, Li T, Loder EW, Mayo-Wilson E, McDonald S, McGuinness LA, Stewart LA, Thomas J, Tricco AC, Welch VA, Whiting P, McKenzie JE. PRISMA 2020 explanation and elaboration: updated guidance and exemplars for reporting systematic reviews. BMJ 2021;372:n160.


Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho Faculdade de Engenharia Campus de Bauru


Literature Review