Correlation between serum bilirubin ‎ and JM-105 and MBJ-20 ‎ transcutaneous bilirubinometer measurements

Published: 7 November 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zp2vd3p98r.1
Marjan Khajehei, Seng Chua, Beata Gidaszewski


Anecdotal reports have raised the possibility of discrepancies between the measurements by the ‎TcBs and the serum bilirubin measurements (SBR) and questioned their accuracy. Also, there is a ‎lack of research on the diagnostic accuracy of the TcB devices JM-105 and MBJ-20 according to ‎the area tested in late preterm and term neonates. ‎ We aimed to evaluate the correlation between SBR and two TcBs used on the forehead and chest.‎ Results: The mean differences between the TcB measurements on the forehead and sternum and the SBR ‎levels were similar for the JM-105 and MBJ-20. The greatest correlation was observed between ‎the SBR measured using the two devices on the sternum. Both devices had high sensitivity and ‎negative predictive values at SBR <230 µmol/L, and high specificity and positive predictive ‎value at SBR ≥230 µmol/L. ‎



Neonatal Health