Rawat - Sentiment Analysis of Tweets

Published: 15 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zp77hffzxg.1
Vedhavarshini Tamilselvan


The extraction of data from the Twitter site was the initial step, without which no analysis is possible. Using the ‘Advanced Twitter search’ option, appropriate hashtags and dates were used to check if the Tweets from the desired dates are available. To scrape the Tweets and fetch the historical data, a Twitter framework was created in ‘Octoparse’ software. The final output of tweets was downloaded in Excel format. Nearly 234 tweets were obtained using the hashtags ‘#BipinRawat’ ‘#Karma’ ‘#IAFChoppercrash’ and ‘#IndianAirForce.’ Tweets in regional language; news and tweets of different contexts but similar hashtags; updates from online news channels; and retweets, or replies were filtered. To annotate the reviews manually the guidelines were framed following the design proposed by Mohammad (2016) in their manual, ‘A Practical Guide to Sentiment Annotation: Challenges and Solutions’. The questionnaire was also prepared based on the same.



Anna University Chennai


Qualitative Research, Sentiment Analysis