Data for: The N$_2$ Second Positive ($C^{3}\Pi_{u} \rightarrow B^{3}\Pi_{g}$) system reviewed: improved data and analysis

Published: 19 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zp7zbdy8jg.1
Carlos Eduardo Fellows, Laiz Ventura


The raw data used in our work is included in this file. This listing is organized as follows: J' assignment, symmetry of the upper state, J'' assignment, symmetry of the lower state, observed wavenumber, calculated wavenumber, difference between observed and calculated wavenumbers, branch, vibrational quantum number of the upper state and vibrational quantum number of the lower state. The format chosen to send the supplementary data iss .txt, so that it can be read by any code or computer program. The intention is to make the use of this data as comprehensive as possible. At the end of the file, some extra-lines, not included in the fits, are listed. It should be noted that no assignment has been made to these last lines.



Spectroscopy, Ultraviolet Spectroscopy, Nitrogen, Diatomics, Spectral Perturbation