Compressive strength of alkali-activated binder concrete cured at ambient temperature

Published: 2 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zpdnn2gh4m.1
Kruthi Kiran Ramagiri,


The dataset is used for the prediction of compressive strength of ambient-cured AAB concrete with fly ash or slag or a combination of both as precursors along with usage of both sodium silicate and sodium hydroxide as activators. The data is collected from reported literature on ambient-cured alkali-activated binder concrete.


Steps to reproduce

The data is collected from the reported literature on alkali-activated binder concrete. The approach used to shortlist the papers from other published data are: the precursors should be fly ash and/or slag, the activators should be a combination of NaOH and Na2SiO3, the curing conditions should be ambient. Calculations were made to find the molarity and Ms modulus, or any other relevant data that is not directly mentioned in the published paper.


Birla Institute of Technology and Science - Hyderabad Campus


Concrete Technology, Compression Load, Sustainable Construction, Building Material