Inward Journey through Iterative Self-Reflection

Published: 15 December 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/zpfzjjx5vv.2
Sunil Maria Benedict


Abstract: Dataset - Journey Inward: Iterative Self-Reflection The dataset encapsulates the essence of an introspective journey, paralleling the mystic's pursuit of divine presence within oneself. Mirroring this spiritual odyssey, a mathematical model is employed, coined as the "Iterative Self-Reflection" equation. This equation delineates the inward expedition as an iterative process akin to mathematical iterations in problem-solving. The model symbolises the cumulative introspective endeavour at each stage of iteration, entwined with the depth of self-reflection. Each iteration signifies a step deeper into the realm of introspection, elucidating a closer connection with the divine within the soul. The dataset represents this progressive journey, showcasing the evolving states of self-reflection as the iterations unfold, unveiling a profound understanding of the inner divine presence.


Steps to reproduce

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # Define the number of iterations num_iterations = 10 # Initialize lists to store iteration and self-reflection values iterations = [0] * (num_iterations + 1) self_reflection = [0] * (num_iterations + 1) # Perform iterative self-reflection for i in range(1, num_iterations + 1): self_reflection[i] = i # Depth of introspection at each iteration iterations[i] = iterations[i - 1] + self_reflection[i] # Cumulative introspective process # Plotting the cumulative introspection over iterations using symbolic markers plt.figure(figsize=(8, 6)) plt.plot(range(num_iterations + 1), iterations, marker='o', linestyle='-', color='b', label='Cumulative Introspection') # Representing the depth of introspection symbolically using objects on the graph plt.scatter(range(num_iterations + 1), iterations, s=100, color='red', alpha=0.6, label='Depth of Introspection') plt.title('Symbolic Representation of Inward Journey through Iterative Self-Reflection') plt.xlabel('Iterations') plt.ylabel('Cumulative Introspection') plt.legend() plt.grid(True)


CMR Jnanadhara Trust, CMR Group of institutions


Mathematics, Christianity, Catholicism, Spirituality, Poetry Therapy