Iterative Relay of EGFR-ERK Signaling Regulates Epithelial Invagination via a Wave of Cellular Contractility

Published: 30 May 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zpv2t4gn22.1
Shigeo Hayashi,
, FuLai Wen, Mustafa M. Sami, Tatsuo Shibata


Activity of ERK FRET biosensor was was quantified from time-lapse images of Drosophila embryos carrying pubi-ekarev-nes and pubi-TagRFP-T-CAAX. TagRFP-T-CAAX signal was used to segment cells and averaged FRET/CFP ratio and position (in polar coordinate) or time of each segmented cell is listed in each table. Those data set were used to create the graphs in Figure 1 of Ogura et. al.(2018).


Steps to reproduce

Data in tables can be processed with standard graph software (Excel, Matlab, R) to reproduce the graphs presented in


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