Pseudo-Direct Numerical Simulation (P-DNS) databases

Published: 22-02-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zrhfw4r6hb.1
Juan Gimenez,
Axel Larreteguy


The databases contain the inertial stress tensors for the equilibrium state of DNS simulations of an RVE for given Id1 (and Id2). For more details see (paper in revision). Larreteguy, Gimenez, Nigro, Idelsohn. Improving the pseudo-direct numerical simulation method (P-DNS) for solving turbulent flows. 2021 Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), Lima 775, C1073AAO, Buenos Aires, Argentina Centre Internacional de Metodes Numerics en Enginyeria (CIMNE), Edifici C1 Campus Nord UPC C/ Gran Capità, S/N 08034, Barcelona, Spain Centro de Investigación de Métodos Computacionales (CIMEC), Col. RN 168, Km 0, Paraje El Pozo, 3000, Santa Fe, Argentina


Steps to reproduce

Inputs: Id_{ij} = G_{ij}H^2/nu for a pure shear configuration of gradients G. Outputs The nine components of the fine inertial stresses tensor <uf_i*uf_j> where <.> indicates temporal mean of spatial average, and uf is the perturbation of the RVE solution uR, this is uR_i = G_{ij}*x_j + uf_i.