Parcel Manager Data set

Published: 14 April 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/zscjbdvr9v.3
Maxime Colomb


Data contained in this repository can be used for replicating the two use cases of Parcel Manager software application presented in the paper (Colomb et al., 2021, submitted). The first use case enables the simulation of a scenario called test scenario designed specifically to test different parcel division processes and workflows with Parcel Manager. The area under study is a small community (Gennes, 681 inhabitants) located in the east of France. Data used are from the French IGN BD Topo 2018. The second use case enables the comparison of the shape of parcels created by simulation with the shape of parcels in real cases. The comparison concerns the parcel plans in 2003 and 2018 of 11 communities of the Seine-et-Marne department, near Paris capital city (France). Data for 2018 are from the French IGN BD Topo 2018. They have been cleaned manually as follows: – removing parcels that represent driveways or roads which could be used by residential parcels, – removing the tiny parcels resulting from a former division process and that could prevent the access to roads of neighbouring parcels, – removing parcels located on water surfaces or railways, – removing roads of type ’trails’ and ’stairs’. Parcel data for 2003 are from the IGN BD-Parcellaire 2003. Building and road data come from the IGN BD-Topo 2005. The cleaning results of the 2018 parcel plan have been copied into the 2003 parcel plan. The road network encompasses every types of paths that are accessible with a car. – Driveways are small paths for cars that connect a house to the road network. Driveways are included in parcels and are not considered as a proper road. – Gravel roads are non-asphalted trails. They can occasionally be used by cars. Their level of attraction is low (level 2). – Lanes are small roads dedicated to house access. Their level of attraction is maximal (level 4). Note that peripheral roads created with the straight skeleton algorithm are classified as lanes. – Streets are roads that connect lanes. Their level of attraction is high (level 3). – Arterial roads are high-speed roads connecting communities. Their level of attraction for parcel contact is minimal (level 1). In the data set created for the test Scenario, the road layer has been manually enriched: missing trails and lanes have been added; type and level of attraction of some road segments have been changed.


Steps to reproduce

Run corresponding classes in the package useCase of Parcel Manager: You can also use the GUI:


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