DIPPR-based prediction of the speed of sound

Published: 21 September 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/zshnj5c7v7.2
Eugene Postnikov,


A set of routines for MATLAB/OCTAVE for predictive calculations of the speed of sound in pure organic liquids, used in the article published in Archives of Acoustics, 41 (2016), pp. 713–719, 2016 (the function sos.m) and its modified version (sosm.m) especially adjusted to n-alkanes (used in the article published in Archives of Acoustics, 43 (2018), pp. 537-541).


Steps to reproduce

The functions sos.m and sosm.m calculate the speed of sound on saturation line for a given temperature interval using the set of DIPPR 801 parameters denoted as a second argument. The script sound-calc.m provides an example of such calculations for two liquids included in the free available sample of DIPPR 801 database (https://dippr.aiche.org/). OCTAVE users need to load packages "io" and "windows"; MATLAB users can run the routines as is.


Free Software, Computer Program