3D LiDAR and Photogrammetry Scans of a Stilt House in Tai O Village - 2022 - Case 478523

Published: 13 February 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zt9wszx28y.1
Daniel Elkin,


This data includes a point cloud file from a combined photogrammetric and LiDAR scan of a stilt house in Tai O Village. The house is designated "Case 478523" in the research project record. Researchers collected the scan using a single, approximately 10 minute walk-through of the house with the Leica-brand BLK2Go model 3D environment scanner. The scan describes the interior and partial exterior of a stilt house in high detail and color. The scan has been decimated to a voxel size of 5 mm to reduce file size. The data provides clear enough rendering of the physical conditions of the house to allow interpretation of the scan into description of the house's construction, contents, and spatial use. The data is available under embargo of one year to protect the personal information of residents of the house, provided for purposes of digital conservation of the building, and for interpretation of the house's physical conditions and interior contents through further research. More detailed information on the dataset, including the date the scan was conducted, the location of the house, and related interview and survey datasets are available upon reviewed request.


Steps to reproduce

The data was collected using a one-time, approximately 10-minute scan of the house interior. The equipment used was the Leica BLK2Go Photogrammetry and LiDAR portable scanner. Upon scan completion, Leica 360Register (BLK2Go Edition) software was used to process the scan into a point cloud (.e57) format for ease of use and transfer, and decimate the point cloud at a voxel resolution of 5 millimetres to reduce file size. The workflow for creating the data set follows the workflow description provided by the scanner manufacturer for use of the product, with no substantial change or additional detail.


Hong Kong Polytechnic University


3D Analysis, Spatial Modeling, Hong Kong, Housing, Coastal Habitat