Vibration, Acoustic, Temperature, and Motor Current Dataset of Rotating Machine Under Varying Load Conditions for Fault Diagnosis

Published: 15 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ztmf3m7h5x.1


Rotating machines are often operated under various load conditions. However, the characteristics of the data acquired from the same rotating machines are very different as the load conditions change. Therefore, for practical industrial application, fault diagnosis under varying load condition researches are being actively conducted in recent years. This article presents time-series dataset including vibration, acoustic, temperature, and motor current data for rotating machines under varying load conditions. Dataset are acquired using four ceramic shear ICP based accelerometer, one microphone, two thermocouples, and three current transformer (CT) with Siemens and National Instruments (NI) data acquisition (DAQ) board under the international organization for standardization (ISO) standard. The conditions of the rotating machine including normal, bearing inner race faults, bearing outer race faults, shaft misalignment, and rotor unbalance with three different load conditions. Faulty conditions are divided according to severity levels. That dataset can be used not only for fault classification under different load conditions but also for failure prediction research according to severity. ---- Description of vibration file format ---- Vibration data file contains five columns namely ‘Time Stamp’, ‘x_direction_housing_A’, ‘y_direction_housing_A’, ‘x_direction_housing_B’, and ‘y_direction_housing_B’. The unit of the vibration is ‘gravitational constant (g)’. aaaaNm_bbbb_cccc.mat : This file includes vibration data of the condition of "bbbb" with "cccc" of severity and "aaaa" load condition. ---- Description of acoustic file format ---- Acoustic data file contains two columns namely ‘Time Stamp’, and ‘values’. The unit of the acoustic is ‘Pascal (Pa)’. aaaaNm_bbbb_cccc.mat : This file includes acoustic data of the condition of "bbbb" with "cccc" of severity and "aaaa" load condition. ---- Description of temperature, and motor current file format ---- Temperature and motor current data file contain six columns namely ‘Time Stamp’, ‘Temperature_housing_A’, ‘Temperature_housing_B’, ‘U-phase’, ‘V-phase’, and ‘W-phase’. The unit of the temperature and motor current are ‘Celsius (℃), and ‘ampere (A)’, respectively. aaaaNm_bbbb_cccc.tdms : This file includes temperature and motor current data of the condition of "bbbb" with "cccc" of severity and "aaaa" load condition. For more details, please refer to the "Data in Brief" journal.


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Dataset includes bearing faults, shaft faults, and rotor faults that can occur in a rotating machine under three different load conditions. The conditions of the bearing are normal, inner race fault, and outer race fault. Each faulty condition consists of three different severity levels. Shaft fault is a parallel misalignment, it was emulated by three different severity levels. The rotor fault is a rotor unbalance, it also emulated by five different severity levels. The three-phase induction motor rotates at three different load conditions. Vibration and acoustic data are collected from SIEMENS DAQ for 120 seconds at normal state, and for 60 seconds at faulty states. Temperature and motor current data are collected from NI DAQ in the same way as vibration and acoustic. Dataset were collected at a rated rotating speed of 3010 RPM at a sampling rate of 25.6 kHz and 50 kHz.


Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Acoustics, Temperature, Dynamic Loads, Rolling Element Bearing, Mechanical Vibration, Machinery, Current-Voltage Characteristic, Fault Diagnosis