Data for: The evolution of the Patagonian Ice Sheet from 35 ka to the Present Day (PATICE)

Published: 03-04-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ztz59y79vv.1
Bethan Davies,
Christopher Darvill,
Harold Lovell,
Jacob Bendle,
Julian Dowdeswell,
Derek Fabel,
Juan Luis Garcia,
Alessa Geiger,
Delia Gheorghiu,
Neil Glasser,
Monika Mendelova,
Stephan Harrison,
Andrew Hein,
Mike Kaplan,
Julian Martin,
Adrian Palmer,
Mauri Pelto,
Angel Rodes,
Esteban Sagredo,
Rachel Smedley,
John Smellie,
Varyl Thorndycraft


Supplementary Data. Includes Excel data tables for ages and shapefiles for ages, geomorphology and ice-sheet reconstruction.