Questions for the interviews and focus groups described in the article "Governance strategies for a successful marine protected area – the case of Torre Guaceto"

Published: 8 February 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zvmsvgp22y.1
daniela russi


Questions prepared in advance of 15 in-depth, semi-structured interviews with stakeholders and a focus group with the fishermen of the Torre Guaceto Marine Protected Area (south-eastern Italy). The objective of the research was to analyse the governance strategies that enabled the generation of ecological and economic benefits. In particular, the objective was to explore the use of economic and non-economic incentives in Torre Guaceto, and how these interacted to create positive change. The interviews broadly followed a set of questions prepared in advance for each category of stakeholders. The questions aimed to explore the history of the MPA; the governance arrangements (e.g., the development and contents of the fishing protocol, the enforcement mechanisms in place, the kinds of incentives used, the financing model); the positive and negative impacts of the designation on the different sectors; the perception of the relevant stakeholders; the change in their opinions over time and the reason for any change; the conflicts and synergies among different categories of stakeholders and how conflicts have been managed and synergies generated. The interviews and the discussion during the focus group were recorded and transcribed.