Published: 15 February 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zvtrvn5db5.1
Mikail Maharramov


The International scientific and practical journal "Technical and Agrarian Sciences" was established by the decision of the Scientific Council of Lankaran State University in order to provide research work carried out in priority areas of technical and agricultural sectors of the Azerbaijan and foreign countries, scientific articles, information on the results obtained to researchers, specialists, faculty and graduate students. The international scientific and practical journal "Technical and Agrarian Sciences" is published 4 times a year. Articles are published in the journal in Azerbaijani, English Turkish and Russian. The journal is prepared and submitted for publication by the editors of the scientific-practical journal "Technical and Agrarian Sciences".



Lankaran State University


Ecology, Forestry, Agronomy Discipline, Agricultural Techniques, Food Technology, Emerging Technology for Food Processing, Biocontrol in Food, Veterinary Biochemistry, Veterinary Anatomy