Version 4.0 of code Java for 3D simulation of the CCA model

Published: 23 April 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zwz37tvjny.1
Linyu Fan,
Jianwei Liao,
Junsen Zuo,
Kebo Zhang,
Chao Li,
Hailing Xiong


This paper presents a new version Java code for the three-dimensional simulation of Cluster–Cluster Aggregation (CCA) model to replace the previous version. Many redundant traverses of clusters-list in the program were totally avoided, so that the consumed simulation time is significantly reduced. In order to show the aggregation process in a more intuitive way, we have labeled different clusters with varied colors. Besides, a new function is added for outputting the particle’s coordinates of aggregates in file to benefit coupling our model with other models.



Computational Physics