Smartphone usage and International Tourist Behaviour

Published: 15 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zwzb8hzc9j.1
Jack Febrian Rusdi


This data contains a collection of results of a questionnaire that explores the behavior of international tourists related to the field of information technology in the field of tourism — raw data stored in a worksheet format (Excel compatible). Data consists of tourist demographics, information sources used by tourists in arranging travel plans, how to obtain data packages and internet access during traveling, internet usage time through smartphones during traveling, social media used during traveling, and smartphone usage applications while traveling. Data was collected through questionnaires on 302 participants from 52 countries. This data can be used as one of the foundations in recognizing the behavior of international tourists. This raw data is also one of the basic ingredients of our research on the behavior of international tourists and information technology.


Steps to reproduce

This raw data can be used directly with the Microsoft Excel application. Data can be sorted or filtered according to the analysis needed.


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Mobile Communication, Information and Communication Technologies, Motivation of Tourist, Smartphone Usage in Tourism, Social Media Analytics