Metacognitive Awareness Scale

Published: 12 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zx63d6fkkt.1
Yogita Sharma


The metacognitive awareness scale is meant for adolescents and adults from secondary to higher education level students. Its purpose is to differentiate between high and low level of students in relation to metacognition. It may be helpful in identifying students with poor metacognitive level who may need counseling or training to help them move towards high achievement. The present scale may be used to know the level of Metacognitive Awareness (knowledge of cognition and regulation of cognition) among students stydying at secondary to post-graduate level. It can be administered either individually or in group. There is no time limit for the completion of scale; however, an individual requires 30 minutes to respond to all the items of the scale.



Educational Psychology