Inequality Aversion, Self-Interest and Social Connectedness

Published: 12 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zxcn88sykt.1


This data accompanies the paper Robson, M., (2021), "Inequality Aversion, Self-Interest and Social Connectedness", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. The paper runs an incentivised lab-in-the-field experiment in order to study giving behaviour where the social connectedness to recipients varies. Data and code are provided to allow for the replication of the experiment and results of the paper. Data sets include the observed behaviour, demographics and design parameters from the experiment, alongside estimated preference parameters. z-Tree code is provided so others can run the experiment and statistical code in MATLAB, R and Stata are provided to allow others to undertake data reshaping, econometric analysis, preference parameter estimation and graphical analysis. A detailed summary is included in the Documentation.pdf, and should be read first. Please email with any queries and do let me know if you intend to use the data or methods, I would be excited to hear of your research.


Steps to reproduce

Full details found in Documentation.pdf


University of York


Economics, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Prosocial Behavior, Connectedness, Utility, Altruism, Inequality