Experimental establishment of the effect of oil palm mesocarp fiber partial replacement of fine aggregate in concrete on its mechanical properties

Published: 6 December 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/zxfs72bnv7.2
Babashola Dapo ODUGBOSE,


Environmental sustainability is the target of the SDG goals which aims at having a better society in the future with resources sustainable for the coming generation. Efforts are geared towards maintaining and making the environment liveable, and environmental pollution mitigation and prevention are initiated. Although there are different sources of environmental pollution agents, manufacturing industries play a major part. Coupled with the large mechanization of agriculture, the production of agricultural solid wastes is becoming a major interest as it has become a contributing factor in environmental pollution. Finding a use for post-production agriculture solid waste is of high interest. The data gathered in this laboratory conducted research, studied the possibility of making use of oil palm mesocarp fiber as one of the concrete mix components, study the effect and influence on the mechanical properties in order to ascertain its usefulness in a structural member in building and other construction works.


Steps to reproduce

Waste oil palm mesocarp fiber was collected and processed, after which it was separated into three different particle sizes. A concrete trial mix was conducted and a design mix of M30 concrete was arrived at. Fine aggregate was then partially replaced by the oil palm mesocarp fiber in the percentage of weight content of fine aggregate per the different particle size range.


Universiti Sains Malaysia


Civil Engineering