2500 CT images of COVID-19 Lung

Published: 03-08-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zxmcf7553w.1
zhou tao


2933 lung CT images of COVID-19 patients were obtained from previous publications, authoritative media reports, and public databases. Among them, 1752 cases were obtained from both domestic and foreign journals such as Sciencedirect, Nature, Springer Link, and China CNKI. 1012 cases were obtained from authoritative media reports such as the New York Times, Daily Mail (United Kingdom), The Times (United Kingdom), CNN, The Verge (United States), Avvenire (Italy), LaNuovaFerrara (Italy), People's Daily, Toutiao News, and Dr. Lilac. 68 cases were obtained from the sirm.org public database. 101 cases were obtained from a GitHub public database.