Dataset: shrub and tree biometric survey in a white-sand ecosystem (campinarana) of the northern Brazilian Amazon

Published: 26 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zxz36nwghv.1
Reinaldo Imbrozio Barbosa,


The dataset provides information on species composition, stem diameter (diameter at base height ≥ 1.6 cm measured at 2 cm above-ground) and total height (m) for shrubs and trees dispersed in a Podzol or white-sand ecosystem ("shrub and treed shade-loving" = arboreal campinarana). Our sampling took into consideration 3966 individual (all of them alive) distributed on 20 plots (500 m2 each one) in state of Roraima, Northern Brazilian Amazon. All individuals were measured in 2002, as specified in Barbosa, R.I., Ferreira, C.A.C., 2004. Biomassa acima do solo de um ecossistema de “campina” em Roraima, norte da Amazônia Brasileira. Acta Amazonica 34, 577–586. Our dataset has an image (image_white-sand_campinarana.jpg) showing the general appearance of the inventoried environment, and one file (dataset_shrub&treed_white-sand_campinarana.xlx) where are presented all information for each sampled individual (tree-code), associated to its taxonomy (family; species), sampling date, base-diameter (in meters), total-height (in meters) and BA (basal area in m2). The dataset was supported by the Project “Agroecossistemas da Amazônia - Roraima” (Convênio 027/99 – INPA / Governo de Roraima). José Lima (INPA/CPBO), José Guedes (INPA/CPBO), Núbia Abrantes (UFRR/Dep. Biologia), Cice Maduro (Museu Integrado de Roraima) and Herundino Ribeiro do Nascimento Filho (SEPLANRR) collaborated with the collection and handling of botanic material in the field/laboratory.



Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia


Botany, Amazon, Forest Inventory, Vegetation