Energy consumption before and after design changes

Published: 27 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zy629rxh99.1
Sunil Maria Benedict


The data visualized in the plot represents energy consumption over a specified time period, comparing two scenarios: before and after certain design changes. X-axis (Time): The horizontal axis represents time in hours, spanning from 0 to 10 hours. Y-axis (Energy Consumption): The vertical axis represents energy consumption. The energy consumption values are calculated based on the functions E(t) and E_prime(t). Plot: Two lines are plotted on the graph, each representing energy consumption over time for a different scenario: Before Changes: This line represents energy consumption before the design changes. It is calculated using the function E(t). After Changes: This line represents energy consumption after the design changes. It is calculated using the function E_prime(t). Legend: The legend on the plot indicates which line corresponds to each scenario: "Before Changes" and "After Changes". Title: The title of the plot is "Energy Consumption Before and After Design Changes", providing a clear indication of what the plot represents. Gridlines: Gridlines are added to the plot for better visualization and reference. Overall, this visualization allows for a comparison of energy consumption trends before and after the implementation of design changes, providing insights into the effectiveness of the changes in managing energy consumption over time.


Steps to reproduce

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np # Energy consumption functions def E(t): return np.sin(t) + 5 def E_prime(t): return np.sin(t) + 4 # Time range t = np.linspace(0, 10, 100) # Energy consumption over time plt.plot(t, E(t), label='Before Changes') plt.plot(t, E_prime(t), label='After Changes') plt.xlabel('Time (hours)') plt.ylabel('Energy Consumption') plt.title('Energy Consumption Before and After Design Changes') plt.legend() plt.grid(True)




Conceptual Design, Thinking, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking