FraneItalia: a catalog of recent Italian landslides (version 3)

Published: 22 July 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/zygb8jygrw.3
Michele Calvello,


"FraneItalia" is a catalog of landslide events occurring in the Italian territory. The catalog includes both fatal landslide events and events that did not produce physical harm to people. It is being populated, since January 2010, searching relevant news from online sources. Landslide events are classified considering two numerosity categories and three consequence categories. The numerosity categories are: single landslide events (SLE), for records only reporting one landslide; and areal landslide events (ALE), for records referring to multiple landslides triggered by the same cause in the same geographic area. Both SLEs and ALEs are divided in three consequence categories according to whether the event produced victims and/or missing people (C1, very severe), injured persons and/or evacuations (C2, severe), or did not cause any physical harm to people (C3, minor). A single set of geographic coordinates is assigned to each record of the database, both for single and areal landslide events. The uncertainty related to the position of SLEs is specified by means of three confidence descriptors, while the coordinates attributed to ALEs are always indicative and are meant to approximately identify the weather warning zone affected by the mentioned landslides. The temporal uncertainty related to the occurrence of the landslide events is specified by means of two confidence descriptors. The uncertainty associated to the number of landslides in ALEs is specified by means of two descriptors. A set of constraints is adopted to guarantee the correctness and semantic integrity of the inserted records. Version 3 of the FraneItalia catalog has been updated with one more year of records (2020). Go to for detailed instructions on how to reconstruct the catalog from the two files.



Universita degli Studi di Salerno


Landslide, Italy, Natural Hazard, Inventory