Open-Source Lower Controller for Twelve Degrees of Freedom Hydraulic Quadruped Robot with distributed control scheme

Published: 5 September 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/zym6bwk37h.2
philip fang


Nowadays, hydraulic quadruped robot shows high power density, good impact resistance and robustness in the research. The controller is the key to realize these features. This paper shows the design of an open-source single-leg controller for the hydraulic quadruped robot ‘Spurlos’ using a distributed control scheme. The single-leg system of the hydraulic quadruped robot ‘Spurlos’ contains three angle encoders, three servo valves and six pressure sensors, which has the same components as most single-leg systems. Through the chips designed in the controller, the signal can be received from the encoders and the sensors, meanwhile the signal can be delivered to the servo valves. The software part of the controller adopts the MBD (Model-Based Design) method, which can greatly improve the development efficiency. According to the experiments, the controller design is reasonable, stable operation, and can satisfy the requirements of the hydraulic quadruped robot for leg motion control. The controller designed in this paper provides a solution to the problem that there is no ready-made control board for hydraulic quadruped robot which have three degrees of freedom for each leg. It enables the control researches for hydraulic quadruped robots to be more easily implemented.



Zhejiang University, Nanchang University


Hardware System