Data for: Invasion risk of clumping and running bamboo species in the continental United States

Published: 22 March 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zz7vd3t964.1
Deah Lieurance, S. Luke Flory, Austin L Young, Aimee Cooper, Doria Gordon


Appendix data table with answers to weed risk assessment questions for 47 species of bamboo accompanying the manuscript titled "Running bamboo species pose a greater risk of invasion than clumping bamboo species in the continental United States". We also include information on rhizome habit, score, conclusion, and number of questions answered. Spaces were left blank when there was no information available to answer question, "unk" was entered if there was not enough data to answer or the guidelines indicate "unk" instead of blank space, and "?" when conflicting evidence provided (per published guidelines Gordon et al. 2010). Source codes are as follows: FL=weed risk assessments completed by The Nature Conservancy (available at, PIER=Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk (available at, HEAR=Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (available at, UF/IFAS Assessment (available at, HPWRA=Hawaii Pacific Weed Risk Assessment (available at



Risk Analysis, Ecological Risk Assessment, Biological Invasion, Risk Assessment