Vanadium isotope fractionation in mantle rocks: constraints from peridotites and pyroxenites

Published: 25 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zz85g4ds53.1
Chengyihong Liu


These data are aimed to solve the Vanadium isotope fractionation in the mantle process. These data show that the residue peridotites enrich 50V during partial melting. Melt-peridotite interaction can both fractionate V isotope in host peridotite and percolated melt. Metasomatism may not change whole-rock V isotopic composition, but may lead mineral-scale disequilibrium fractionation. The data presented here include newly analyzed V isotope composition for both whole-rocks (Table 1) and minerals (Table 2). Also. these data include V isotopic composition of geological reference material during the analyses (Table S1),whole-rock major and trace elements contents (Table S2), minerals major and trace elements contents (Table S3), parameters used in the modeling (Table S4), equilibrium melting model under spinel face (Table S5), fractional melting model under spinel face(Table S6), and equilibrium melting model under garnet face.



University of Science and Technology of China


Isotope Geochemistry, Vanadium, Mantle Isotope Geochemistry