An NSGA-III based algorithm for urban land use planing

Published: 1 October 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/zz9vrt6rhg.2
, Zohreh Masoumi,


The data related to article entitled “Many-Objective Land Use Planning Using a Hypercube-Based NSGA-III Algorithm” Data sets consist of 3 land-use maps of a part of three cities as real data, at the parcel level on the scale 1:2000. The datasets consist of parcels layer in the form of vector data and 11 urban land-use types are defined with respect to the three service levels: local, district, and regional. The number of urban parcels in the study area is more than 2000, which covers an area of approximately 50 ha. The compatibility and dependencies between land-uses are extracted from the previous studies. The residential density with respect to the area of the residential units is extracted from the development pattern of detailed plans of 3 cities. Urban land-use access types are also extracted from the development patterns and are used in applying the constraints related to access types. All these attribute information is related to parcels in shapefile format.



Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences


Land Use Planning