Data for: Deterioration of stone and concrete exposed to bird excreta – examination of the role of glyoxylic acid.

Published: 15 September 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/zzb2scnksj.2
Tom Dyer


Materials throughout are identified as follows: ls = limestone ss = sandstone pc = Portland cement csa = calcium sulfoaluminate cement Three types of data file are included: X-ray diffraction traces, Sietronics CPI format, three types: - original materials (identified with the material name) - results of syntheses: 'ca glyoxy' and 'ca glyoxy basic' - acid-degraded layers (identified as 'crust') - sediments in tanks (identified as 'residue'). UV/VIS spectrometer traces, format: 1st column = wavelength, 2nd column = absorbancy - acid solution: 'glyoxylic' - exposure solutions after experiments: identified by material name. CT scanner images, tiff format - original materials, marked 'original' - after acid attack, marked 'glyox'.



Chemistry, Materials Science, Biodeterioration