Tool–Chip Contact Length

Published: 1 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zzf27tzxzn.1
Mohammad Reza Chalak Qazani


The provided dataset was calculated via a practical experiment of orthogonal metal cutting. Tool-chip contact length is defined as the length in which the continuous produces chip remains in contact with the tool rake face during chip formation. In fact, this length is measured from the tool's tip to the point that the chip leaves the rake face. Different rational arrangements of cutting speed, feed-rate, and depth of cut have been chosen in this work to capture their associated tool-chip contact length. The dataset covers 44 different arrangements of cutting parameters. An optical microscope combined with image processing software is used to measure the tool-chip contact length.


Steps to reproduce

All studies were conducted in a dry environment using a CNC lathe machine. The cutting speed should not be varied during the cutting operation. Then, a large diameter workpiece is employed to avoid this phenomenon across the cutting edge. Different rational arrangements of cutting speed values v form feed-rate f and depth of cut a have been chosen in this work to cover all possible scenarios. All experiments were performed three times, and the average obtained value for tool-chip contact length was selected in analysing and modelling stage. A cemented uncoated carbide insert with specification TNMA220408 and grade P20 was used in performing cutting tests and AISI4140. A micrometre is employed to calculate the actual chip thickness at each trial. Cutting parameters were selected based on response surface and Taguchi methodology. Therefore, the total number of 36 tests was considered, which are used in the training phase of modelling. For evaluating the accuracy of obtained model, 8 additional tests with the different cutting parameters were performed, and the corresponding tool-chip contact length was measured. An optical microscope combined with image processing software is used to measure the tool-chip contact length. The images are captured using a light source microscope with a magnification of 36X equipped with imaging processing software. Captured images were sent to CLEMEX software to measure the contact length of the tool with chip. The point where the chip separates from the tool surface defines the tool-chip contact length.


University of Tabriz


Conventional Metal Cutting, Bond Length