A Probabilistic Assessment of PWR SNF Pinching Failure Considering Hydride-related Cladding Embrittlement – Research Data

Published: 9 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zzthh83dc4.1
Elmar Eidelpes, Luis F. Ibarra, Ricardo A. Medina


These two datasets provide the input data used to generate 3,000 nonlinear finite element simulations of nuclear fuel rod pinching due to a 9-m spent nuclear fuel transportation cask drop after 300 and 30 years of dry storage. The input data were created using Latin Hypercube Sampling. Additional parameters were derived using available material models for the fuel pellet and cladding material. The finite element models were employed to compute the diametric, plastic cladding deformations demands, expressed as the offset strain demand OSD, and the corresponding data are summarized in the datasets as well. Further, the datasets provide the results for the plastic cladding deformation capability, expressed as the offset strain capacity OSC, and indicates the realizations in which cladding pinching failure is detected. Please see the corresponding scholarly publication for further details.


Steps to reproduce

The datasets can be used to reproduce the finite element models that were used to compute the cladding deformation demands under pinching loads. Please see the corresponding scholarly publication for further details.


University of Utah


Structural Engineering, Safety, Probabilistic Analysis, Nuclear Fuel Performance Analysis