Consumption of Cosmetic Products: Why Bleach?

Published: 6 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zzv4fn8scf.1
Ernest Alang Wung


Due to consumers' high demand for cosmetic products and the effect of cultural diversities, we find mainly blacks engaging in bleaching in order to become light-skin instead of remaining dark skin as they were born. Considering that the context of the survey was made up of mainly French-speaking individuals, the questionnaire was administered through a computer-assisted personal interview [CAPI survey] using tablets and smartphones. The data was collected in cosmetic shops in a metropolitan city in Cameroon. On one hand, we captured consumers' perception of bleaching through several Likert scale items [1. strongly disagree - 5. strongly agree], second, we captured the motives behind bleaching and lastly we measured the effect of peers and advertisements on bleaching. The data indicates that; female are more prone to bleaching due to peer pressure, and partner requests compared to males who mainly bleach because they want to look more handsome.


Steps to reproduce

A questionnaire was developed and pretested in the study context. eight field agents were involved in data collection between April and June 2023. This questionnaire was embedded into an online application developed by the World Bank to ease primary data collection like this one. due to the advantages of this application [logical skips and fluency of questions], it was possible to use tablets and smartphones to administer questions to consumers in cosmetic shops. Respondents were gotten through availability criteria but the survey was randomized by picking of these cosmetic shops while a field supervisor made spontaneous visits in the field to ensure data quality. data was later downloaded from this website(application - i.e. kobocollect) in Excel extension, and cleaned with the use of STATA 17 to have the current form. You can find this application at


Universite de Dschang Faculte des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion


Behavioral Economics, Consumer Research, Cosmetics Industry