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  • Data for: Disciplinary, Institutional, and Individual Factors Affecting Researchers’ Depositing Articles in Institutional Repository: An Empirical Analysis
    The online survey was initially conducted along with another study focusing on researchers’ article sharing through scholarly social media, from late November, 2016 to mid-February, 2017. A total of 2,532 potential survey participants were asked whether they are aware of IRs and/or scholarly social media (i.e., ResearchGate), and those who were aware of IRs in their academic institutions were led to take the survey for this research. A total of 122 initial responses were received for this research (compared to 303 initial responses for the other survey), and only 109 out of 122 initial responses were considered valid because participants completed more than 80% of the survey questionnaire and responded to the items inquiring about article depositing behaviors through IRs as an outcome variable. In order to secure more responses for this research, we made the same online survey available from mid-October to late December, 2017. A total of 927 potential survey participants were invited to take the IR survey; rather than excluding anyone who was unaware of IRs like at the administration of the survey the first time, we provided some explanations about IRs at the beginning of the survey during the second administration of this survey. As a result, all the potential participants were able to take the IR survey. We received a total of 135 partial and full responses from the 2nd time the survey was administered, but only 112 responses were found to be valid for data analysis (i.e., more than 80% of questions including the question about article depositing behavior were answered). From administering the survey on two separate occasions, we received a total of 221 valid responses (109 responses from the 1st time the survey was administered and 112 responses from the 2nd time the survey was administered), and those 221 responses were used for final data analysis.
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  • Scopus API Scripts for Data Reuse Project
    To generate the bibliographic and survey data to support a data reuse study conducted by several Library faculty and accepted for publication in the Journal of Academic Librarianship, the project team utilized a series of web-based online scripts that employed several different endpoints from the Scopus API. The related dataset: "Data for: An Examination of Data Reuse Practices within Highly Cited Articles of Faculty at a Research University" contains survey design and results. 1) getScopus_API_process_dmp_IDB.asp: used the search API query the Scopus database API for papers by UIUC authors published in 2015 -- limited to one of 9 pre-defined Scopus subject areas -- and retrieve metadata results sorted highest to lowest by the number of times the retrieved articles were cited. The URL for the basic searches took the following form: AND univ*%29) OR (AF-ID(60000745) OR AF-ID(60005290))&apikey=xxxxxx&start=" & nstart & "&count=25&date=2015&view=COMPLETE&sort=citedby-count&subj=PHYS Here, the variable nstart was incremented by 25 each iteration and 25 records were retrieved in each pass. The subject area was renamed (e.g. from PHYS to COMP for computer science) in each of the 9 runs. This script does not use the Scopus API cursor but downloads 25 records at a time for up to 28 times -- or 675 maximum bibliographic records. The project team felt that looking at the most 675 cited articles from UIUC faculty in each of the 9 subject areas was sufficient to gather a robust, representative sample of articles from 2015. These downloaded records were stored in a temporary table that was renamed for each of the 9 subject areas. 2) get_citing_from_surveys_IDB.asp: takes a Scopus article ID (eid) from the 49 UIUC author returned surveys and retrieves short citing article references, 200 at a time, into a temporary composite table. These citing records contain only one author, no author affiliations, and no author email addresses. This script uses the Scopus API cursor=* feature and is able to download all the citing references of an article 200 records at a time. 3) put_in_all_authors_affil_IDB.asp: adds important data to the short citing records. The script adds all co-authors and their affiliations, the corresponding author, and author email addresses. 4) process_for_final_IDB.asp: creates a relational database table with author, title, and source journal information for each of the citing articles that can be copied as an Excel file for processing by the Qualtrics survey software. This was initially 4,626 citing articles over the 49 UIUC authored articles, but was reduced to 2,041 entries after checking for available email addresses and eliminating duplicates.
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  • Data for: An Examination of Data Reuse Practices within Highly Cited Articles of Faculty at a Research University
    This dataset was developed as part of a study that assessed data reuse. Through bibliometric analysis, corresponding authors of highly cited papers published in 2015 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in nine STEM disciplines were identified and then surveyed to determine if data were generated for their article and their knowledge of reuse by other researchers. Second, the corresponding authors who cited those 2015 articles were identified and surveyed to ascertain whether they reused data from the original article and how that data was obtained. The project goal was to better understand data reuse in practice and to explore if research data from an initial publication was reused in subsequent publications.
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