Dataset of prediction and mitigation process for the coastal natural hazards for Alexandria, Egypt

Published: 21 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/3bchcktj4f.1
Mohamed Abouelnasr


This dataset helps to validate and regenerate the numerical simulation for the prediction of the coastal flood hazard (coastal natural hazard) for Alexandria, Egypt.


Steps to reproduce

1-For Extreme Value Analysis for Alexandria, Egypt: Please use the generation file in folder "05 EVA Analysis" to generate the EVA output, inputs files available in folders "01 NC Format", "02 TXT Format", "03 EXCEL Format", or "04 DFS0" are inputs for the generation model with different extensions. For Spectral Wave Model Dataset for Alexandria, Egypt: 2-Please use the generation file in folder "02 Model" to generate the spectral wave analysis output, use the mesh file and results for the extreme value analysis for model configuration. The output for the model is available in the same folder.


Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport College of Engineering and Technology


Numerical Analysis, Marine Engineering, Coastal Engineering