Demonstration video for the secure dispersion of robots in a swarm using P colonies

Published: 15 June 2016| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/42by9d2f78.1


In these two videos we present a simulation of the dispersion of Kilobot robots in the presence of an intruder coloured in violet. The robots are using a P colony based controller that is executed using the Lulu P colony / P swarm simulator. The security method that was implemented makes use of the unique number that is assigned to each Kilobot robot during calibration. The first video (disperse_with_intruder_10_robots.avi) we simulate 10 Kilobots using the Kilombo simulator, where robot with id=2 is marked as an intruder and can affect the behaviour of the robots in its vecinity because no security method is implemented. In the second video (disperse_id_security_10_robots.avi) we implemented an ID based security method where each robot has a list of all swarm members and checks the id of robots nearby before deciding whether to move away or not. The source code (secure_disperse.lulu) of the P colony used for the secure dispersion algorithm is also included. This P colony is defined in the input file format accepted by the Lulu P colony / P swarm simulator.



Robotics, Natural Computing