Lowbrasys brake wear cycle - 3h LACT

Published: 28 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/4cgs6myx9d.1
Marcel Mathissen, Charles Evans


This dataset is brake wear cycle that was used as a reference cycle in the EU co-funded project LOWBRASYS which aims at particle reduction from automotive brakes. One task within the LOWBRASYS project was to define a real-drive braking schedule. This cycle is a short version of an existing brake procedure (Los Angeles City Traffic (LACT)) that was generated from actual on-road driving data and addresses typical urban, extra-urban and highway drive conditions. It is noteworthy that another real-world cycle has been developed [Mathissen et al. 2018]. The main difference between the two newly developed cycles is that the present LOWBRASYS cycle is based on a limited dataset from a specific region, while the other cycle is based on the WLTP database, which covers much more use-case and driving conditions. The PMP IWG has decided to use the present cycle as a backup cycle for future brake wear emissions evaluation.


Steps to reproduce

Refer to the "illustration" sheet in the main file. Within the LOWBRASYS project, the cycle was driven temperature controlled for brake dynamometer testing while for vehicle testing the cycle was driven time-controlled.


Wear Testing, Particle Measurement, Brakes, Aerosol Measurement