Data for: Towards a Holarctic synthesis of peatland testate amoeba ecology: development of a new continental-scale palaeohydrological transfer function for North America and comparison to European data

Published: 03-11-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bdbsgn32n6.1
Matthew Amesbury,
Robert Booth,
Alexandre Lamarre,
Nicolas Pelletier,
Erin Markel,
Gabriel Magnan,
Simon van Bellen,
Thomas Roland,
Joan Bunbury,
Edward Mitchell,
Richard Payne,
Helen Roe,
Michael Clifford,
Dan Charman,
Julie Talbot,
Barry Warner,
Helen Mackay,
Sarah Finkelstein,
Graeme Swindles,
Maura Sullivan,
Suzanne Elliot,
Julie Loisel,
Paul Hughes


Testate amoeba community data for 1956 modern surface samples throughout Canada and the USA, alongside environmental data (water table depth, pH) and location (lat/long). Full details given in 'Read me' tab.