Empirical assessment for DIGISOC Questionnaire

Published: 11-08-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/bkb66jfjgc.2
Mark Peart,
Prudencia Gutiérrez-Esteban,
Sixto Cubo Delgado


The DIGISOC Questionnaire. All relevant datasets on the empirical assessment and development of the questionnaire. For digital version of questionnaire, please contact the authors. Mark Peart mpeart@alumnos.unex.es


Steps to reproduce

Based upon the work of several authors (Cubo, Martin and Ramos, 2011; Coe, Waring, Hedges and Arthur, 2017; European Commission, 2006; Martínez Arias, 1995) wherein address the necessary steps in order to develop an instrument with scientific guarantees, we established the following phases: a) Establishing the objective of the instrument. b) Exploring the theoretical foundations and construction of items and dimensions and draft version of the instrument. c) Empirical assessment of the instrument: 1. Assessing content validation via a group of experts 2. Assessing construct validity via confirmatory factor analysis 3. Assessing the internal consistency via Cronbach’s Alpha. d) Determining the final version of the instrument