Water consumption of crop on watershed level (blue and green water, uncertainty, incl. shapefile)

Published: 3 May 2017 | Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/brn4xm47jk.1

Description of this data

The data contains production and water consumption data fro 160 crops in >12'000 watershed units and global coverage.
Unique features:

  • uncertainty of irrigation water consumption in estimates
  • watershed level (allows quantification of water scarcity footprint)
  • watershed split by country to allow country footprint assessment

The data contains:

  • a shape file "WS_ctry.zip"
  • a XLS file (can be joined to shapefile by field "FID"): "watershed_WF_crops.xlsx"

The Excel file contains different tabs, which can be linked to the shapefile:

  • total BlueWater (total m3 irrigation water consumption in watershed)
  • total green water (total m3 green water consumption in watershed)
  • Production_ton (total production of crop in watershed in metric tons)
  • BW_per ton (m3/ton irrigation water consumption: expected result)
  • BW_min_per ton (m3/ton irrigation water consumption: minimum estimate)
  • BW_max_per ton (m3/ton irrigation water consumption: upper estimate)
  • Green water per ton (m3/ton green water; natural water supply)

Details are described in Pfister and Bayer 2014 (doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2013.11.031)

Experiment data files

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This data is associated with the following publication:

Monthly water stress: spatially and temporally explicit consumptive water footprint of global crop production

Published in: Journal of Cleaner Production

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Previous versions

  • Version 1


    Published: 2017-05-03

    DOI: 10.17632/brn4xm47jk.1

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    Pfister, Stephan; Bayer, Peter (2017), “Water consumption of crop on watershed level (blue and green water, uncertainty, incl. shapefile)”, Mendeley Data, v1 http://dx.doi.org/10.17632/brn4xm47jk.1

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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology


Agricultural Science, Life Cycle Assessment, Environment Footprint, Water in Food

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