Resized (224x224) COVID and Non-COVID X-Ray Images

Published: 6 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/db4wdy7cdf.1
Reymond Mesuga


This dataset is the resized version of several datasets from Mendeley and Kaggle. The dataset from Mendeley entitled "Extensive COVID-19 X-Ray and CT Chest Images Dataset" was published by El-Shafai and El-Samie, which was used as the Train Set. Meanwhile, the dataset from Kaggle entitled "COVID19 with Pneumonia and Normal Chest Xray (PA) Dataset" was published by Asraf and used as the Validation Set and Test Set. This dataset has been prepared for machine learning and deep learning purposes. Please do check the sources of the said datasets with the link below. This dataset contains the following: -Train Set (COVID: 4044; Non-COVID: 5500; Total: 9544) -Validation Set (COVID: 763; Non-COVID: 763; Total: 1526) -Test Set (COVID: 762; Non-COVID: 762; Total: 1524) Since this dataset is the modified (i.e., resized) version of the datasets stated above, please cite this dataset (see citation on the right side), including the other sources.



Polytechnic University of the Philippines


Machine Learning, Diagnostic Imaging of Lung, X-Ray, Deep Learning, COVID-19, Deep Transfer Learning