Investigation of Parameters Affecting Bond Strength between FRP Reinforcing Bar and Concrete by Modified Hinged Beam Tests

Published: 24-11-2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/dctsnw8nt9.2
Ilker Kalkan


The data on each parameter affecting the FRP rebar-concrete bond is given in the data set. Each plot in the paper is given for different types of surface property of the reinforcing bars (widely-spaced and tight wrapping (Ww); wound (WO); ribbed (R); coarse sand coated (Sc); fine sand coated (Sf); and widely-spaced tight wrapping with coarse sand coating (Ww + Sc)) and three different types of FRP materials, namely the BFRP, GFRP and CFRP. Important conclusions were drawn from these plots on the effects of different test parameters (reinforcement fiber type, reinforcement surface property, distance between reinforcing bars, bottom and side concrete cover, reinforcement diameter, reinforcement embedment length, presence of transverse reinforcement and concrete compressive strength) on the FRP bar-concrete bond stress and embedment length.