Atomic Mass Energy and Constant

Published: 10 January 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/k4kkphgt66.3


In childhood, during study different types of stupid question come in mind like if the unit of the respected scientists ‘Einstein’ equation, e=〖mc〗^2, the unit of ‘e’ is changed then, ‘m’ also will be changed . Now if c^2 unit is changed then, why the mass, energy will not be changed? Who is the exponent of element? Why iron should not be changed into copper? Why nature is the exponent of all those powers. To get answer the search is complete, when it is seem 0.413324 digits, on its base all those essays are written In the present essay, the given information, in that, all those used units like – joule, calorie, eV, different energy’s unit which is recognized by renowned scientists, those units are energy within that matter ( surely, mass of that object) by comparing it is deduced . Example –1 Kg sugar,= 3870,calorie energy, or 1 litter petrol = 60 km travel range in a 100 c.c engine, or a xx Hp, Generator 2 hours...; Now if we take c.c , hour, Hp , calorie; Kg ,obviously is associated with any relation . But if we calculate this energy in different unit then, it will take difficult and large shape. Now , the main aim is to solve energy with different energy or , the relation of matter with different energy the relationship is very secondary but to solve the problem Is the primary motive but we know those unit is practically set up by calculating math’s problem , those digits will be unchanged , like – 3 Apples = 5 mangoes. Now, if it is the relation b/w apples and mangoes size, content, weight, mass etc. will be unchanged then, we will take it as the yardstick for units in , reality 3 mangoes = 0.01 quintal etc. are expressed in units . but the number of mangoes or apples , are unchanged. On the basis of that theory, here, it is proved practical measure by calculating practical digits to prove different angles related with the problem.



Atomic Physics